Vision Board “Dreamshop”

Vision Board Workshop Facilitated by Mary Dixon            Next Dates & Details TBA

“A time-out to dream & connect with your soul!”

Noon – 4 pm at We Are One Farm

Take a little time out to tap into your dreams, get some clarity about what you want for your life, and share some creative time with like-minded people to craft a vision of your future. In this Vision Board “Dreamshop” you will create a template to remind you of that vision all year!

Collage 1

Create a beautiful vision of how you want your life to feel!

Creating a Dream Collage or Vision Board with an intimate and supportive group of like-minded women, is a fun, creative, yet profoundly insightful project that can help you get in touch with what truly “juices” you, stirs your passion and your dreams about the life you want. Getting where you want to be in life is a lot easier if you have a road map, and a collage/vision board can help set the template for what you aspire to.

Sometimes it is hard to get clarity about what we really want in our lives. We are often overcome by other people’s voices in our heads and our conditioning about what we believe is possible (or not possible) for us.  When we can bypass the logical (and somewhat inhibited!) left brain through processes that require us to be creative and use the right side of our brains, we are more likely to tap into the deeper desires within. Adding meditative, guided Soul Journeys to the process, as well as some deeper group coaching practices, this becomes much much more than merely sticking pictures onto poster board.

In our time together we will do a couple of guided meditations or “Soul Journeys” to get in touch with your inner guidance and to connect you with the feeling you want to create in your life. We will also do some meditative exercises that take us into our bodies to connect with the clarity of what we don’t want and what we do want. This can be a fairly deep and moving experience.

Then you’ll start creating your vision with materials provided (and any additional magazines and pictures you wish to bring that spark your interest). It is suggested you bring at least one photo of yourself looking healthy and happy that you can add to your collage, but if you don’t have one that jazzes you, better not to.

Oracle Cards

Some of Denise Linn’s Gateway oracle Cards and a card from Doreen Virtue’s Goddess cards.


While everyone is selecting images and arranging them we’ll have time for individuals to get a short one-on-one card-reading with Mary (about 15 minutes) to get some insight about your life and the path you’re on.


Light refreshments will be provided to sustain you as you go.


We will end with an exercise to bring you into the feeling of your vision before you leave and tips for what to do with your board when you get home. You will emerge relaxed, inspired, renewed, and looking forward to a fabulous future!

_MG_0167 - Version 2

Value of 4 hour workshop with meditations, card reading, all materials (magazines, poster board, glue sticks, markers, scissors etc), healthy snacks and beverages,

$88  incl. hst.

PLEASE Pre-register by phone 530-3222 or email to ensure space and supplies are available!

Min 4, Max 8 participants.

NEXT DATE: TBA If you are interested or have a group of 4-6 call me and we’ll book a date! 530-3222 or email Mary.


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