Spirit Stick Workshop

Spirit Stick Workshop        Facilitated by Mary Dixon                                     Next dates TBA or gather a group!

Something magical happens when you use symbolism, drawn from colour, texture and objects, to represent your life or your prayers for your life…a perspective shift happens with a physical representation of your story or your dreams.

In creating a spirit stick or prayer stick you may even decide to re-write your story, choosing the meaning you give to the events of your life, or create a vision of the life you hope for. You may be familiar with the image of a “talking stick” where the person holding it in a group setting “has the floor”. Well, it’s a little bit like that although with a different intention and more intricately decorated. It may be long or short, meant for keeping in your home, using in ceremonies you create, or for planting outside in your garden to send your prayers out in the wind.

It is preferable that you do your own walk outdoors in advance to find a piece of wood that “speaks” to you, possibly on your own land, or on some piece of wilderness that has meaning to you. (Please do not cut wood for this, it should be a naturally fallen branch, perhaps 1 – 4 feet long and probably not more than an inch and a half in diameter). If you are stuck I will supply some sticks, but they may not be what you “need”. I encourage you to start the process with your own search for the wood.

I will supply a large array of beads and baubles, feathers and yarns to decorate the stick to express whatever needs to come out. There will be a Soul Journey to find out what your soul wants you to know for this project, and weather permitting (and moon-rise timing if it is in the evening) we will venture outside  to energize our prayers in the moonlight!

The class will be approx. 2.5 – 3 hours (may go a bit longer if it is a night with a moon!…), light refreshments will be provided.

Value: $40 plus hst.

Next dates TBA or gather your own friends and call me for a private class, min 4, max 8 participants! Call Mary 530-3222 or  email Mary.


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