Soul Journeys

Mary also offers private, one-one-one guided journeys, approximately one hour in duration, plus about a half hour of discussion time and some debrief time. A Soul Journey is similar to a guided meditation except that when done one-on-one, it is interactive and goes much deeper. After some discussion with Mary where she gets to know you and your concerns, you set an intention for what guidance you are seeking. Then Mary guides you safely into a very relaxed, meditative state and coaches you through the entire journey with gentle questions to assist you in finding your own answers and insights.

In a Soul Journey you can seek a message from a spirit guide or meet a “wise one” that has advice for you; you can examine your relationships with other people or a particular situation that is concerning you; you can even try on different personas to discover what you are called to do or be or find out what you really want but are afraid to admit.

It is a relaxed and safe process intended to help you access your own inner wisdom on anything you choose. We never know exactly where a journey will take you. Mary guides with open-ended questions but ultimately what emerges comes from somewhere deep within you, something from your soul that needs to be heard.

It should be noted that this style of journey is just one of many tools Mary uses in her life coaching practice, it does not have to be a “one-off” experience although can be used as such for guidance on a specific question. But also with her longer term coaching clients, a Soul Journey or Past Life Journey may be employed as just another technique to access one’s inner wisdom on any issue needing clarity.

All of this takes place in a tranquil environment that has been created with care to be a beautiful, safe and sacred space, an environment where you are free from the distractions of your everyday life. Special chakra-attuned essential oil blends may be used to enhance the experience, perhaps gentle music, or we may create your own special “altar” to help set an intention. Sometimes we use oracle cards to provide added insight or confirmation.

Whatever focus you choose for your journey in consultation with Mary you will feel nurtured and accepted for who you are and of course, all such work is completely confidential.

Individual Soul Journeys Value:

$125 (includes 15% hst),  for 1.5 – 2 hours

Longer term packages can be discussed.

Other customized options could include a longer individual workshop involving a journey plus creation of a Spirit Stick or Vision Map Collage, creative opportunities to tap into your intuitive side and reveal your own vision of yourself and your goals. Spirit Stick and Collage sessions are also offered as occasional group workshops. CONTACT MARY by EMAIL or call 902-530-3222.

“It was a transformational experience. If you are open to it, amazing insights into yourself and how you react to those around you can be gained. She is an extremely gifted coach. I recommend soul journeying with Mary as your guide to anyone with an open mind and heart.” ~ Royce Winsten, N.S. & N.J.

“I appreciate Mary’s work and many times I have reflected on the words she shared with me during several Card Readings, and a Soul Journey. I had always been interested in Mary’s work, but also a bit skeptical; the scientist in me usually keeps me on the edge between the known and unknown worlds. I have to say that the Soul Journey set off a chain reaction of impulses to get to know myself better. From that day forward, I decided to begin to unearth my history and learn from those great life lessons from years ago. My journey is a path of discovery, in which I found, through Mary, a feeling of safety to begin to speak about my experiences. I have decided to write my story down; glimpses of it come and go, and when I can, I put pen to paper. Today, I’m finding that my initial idea about this journey is incorrect:  I thought it would be full of sadness and pain, instead it is full of gratitude and truth. I have forgiven myself, and I have a better appreciation for my journey. Today I’m living more authentically because of the stimulus that Mary and her Soul Journey offered me.” ~ Rosmarie Lohnes,  NS


 Please be advised, Soul Coaching®, Soul Journeys and Past Life Journeys are not therapy, I am not a therapist, and these processes are not intended to replace or be a substitute for medical or psychological care. I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe for any condition, physical, mental or emotional.  If you are under the treatment of a therapist or other mental health practitioner or on any medication for emotional or mental conditions you will be asked to obtain permission from said practitioner to embark on these processes, and if not being treated you will be asked to kindly sign a waiver stating so. –Mary Dixon

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