Soul Coaching® program

This wondeB-SoulCoachingrful, transformational program offered either privately or in a supportive group setting, is based on Denise Linn’s book, “Soul Coaching ~ 28 Days to Discover Your Authentic Self”.

It is an excellent choice for when you are at a turning point in your life, perhaps after a relationship or job change or becoming an “empty-nester” and wondering “what’s next for me?”  It is for those times when you are struggling with a sense of who you are and what your life is all about. It’s for when you are ready to own your own power, find your real voice and start putting yourself first for a change, instead of everyone else. It’s for when you need to reconnect with the Spirit inside you and learn how to draw on your immense inner wisdom.

“What gives me meaning? What gives me joy? How can I shift my energy? How can I connect to the sacred in everyday life?What do I really value?”  These are some of the questions you will explore during the Soul Coaching® core program.

In a small group setting (or as a private coaching client), Mary, a Certified Soul Coach, welcomes you to her beautiful hilltop home where you’ll meet in peaceful surroundings. In this welcoming space you are guided through a professionally-presented process to help quiet and clear the mind and help you get in touch with your spirit, the “real you”.

While the core of the program in the book is 28-days, Mary extends it to cover 6 weeks during which you will:

  •  Connect each week with the energy of one of the four elements, air, water, fire and earth, to help clear mental, emotional, spiritual and physical clutter;
  • Experience “Soul Journeys”, guided meditations that help get you in touch with the messages from your soul and to feel the bright and loving spirit that lies within;
  • Assess where you are now and what you’d like to commit to changing in your life;
  • Learn what “zaps” your energy and what “juices” it;
  • Cultivate an “attitude of gratitude” and let go of thinking like a victim;
  • Acknowledge your fears, say “Yes!” to life, and fan the flames of your creativity;
  • Connect with nature and with your body;
  • Learn to create “sacred space”;
  • Envision a fabulous future!

Sessions will include time to check-in with each of you and have you share experiences,  Soul Journeys to guide you, and time to work on some fun creative projects that will focus you on what you want your life to be about, like making a spirit stick and a vision map (materials provided). Sometimes there is ceremony to help support deep, inner transformation.

The sixth class will follow our personal “mini” vision quests adapted to your time and ability, (don’t worry, you don’t have to go walk about in the wilderness for three days…unless of course you want to) with a review of that process and a little celebration, possibly a potluck. (Note: sometimes we will have people do the quest after the program ends, and then have an extra meeting to discuss).

Class length is 2 1/2 hours per session and there are daily assignments you do at home, from clutter-clearing a room or even just a drawer, to answering questions about your values, your fears, what saps your energy and what you are grateful for, among other things. A copy of the book Soul Coaching® is included in the course fee, so you have a complete reference guide that is yours to keep. A number of other materials and goodies will be provided as well to complete the main exercises.

For more information on Soul Coaching® and our international association go to Or EMAIL MARY or call her at 902-530-3222.

UPCOMING COURSE: SPRING 2017 dates for group session:

6 Thursday evenings: April 27 – June 1, 6:30 – 9:00 p.m.

Soul Coaching® Group Program Fees:

  • *** Early Registration Deal: Only $427 (includes 15% HST) if paid in FULL by midnight on Wednesday, April 12.
    After April 12: $497  (includes 15% HST)  for the group program.
  • ****ADDITIONAL BONUS for all****: A One-on-One Private Soul Coaching® Session of approx 1.5 hours, with Mary, to be scheduled sometime in the 5-week period or within the two weeks after the course. A $125 value!
  • (This is an amazing deal for an in-person SMALL group (max. 6 participants) coaching experience!! Committing early helps me plan ahead and order sufficient supplies!)

Regular registration: $497  (includes HST)  for the group program. Final registration deadline, Monday April 24, 2016, min. 50% due on registration, balance due by first class.

Do you prefer personal attention or feel uncomfortable in groups?
6 exclusive, private sessions, up to 2.5 hours each, including all the same projects and materials and my undivided attention with the option of more customized soul journeys  ~  Like having your own private weekly retreat!      

An excellent value for the amount of private coaching, including materials.

Private Soul Coaching® Program:  $720 (plus 15% HST) = $828


1. How will I have time for all that?

Not to worry! First of all, Denise Linn has designed the course with three levels of participation, and each day you do what you can:

  • Level 1 “Committed to Change!”, requiring 15-30 minutes a day or less.
  • Level 2 “Going For It!”, includes the Level 1 exercises and a bit more and can take 30-60 minutes.
  • Level 3 “Playing Full Out!”, includes the Level 1 & 2 exercises and the extra takes as long as it takes.

We all have busy lives, some days more hectic than others, but even reading the assignments and bringing these ideas into your awareness can be enough to start things shifting and work to create change beneath the surface. You are responsible for all your experiences, so whether you do only Level 1 on some days and can find time for Levels 2 or 3 on other days, once you make the inner commitment and join the class you will nevertheless sense that changes are occurring! Postponing certain tasks that you wish to do Full Out until a less busy day is perfectly okay! The program seems to work in miraculous ways, even when you have to skip some things it seems the Universe sets change in motion! And the book is yours to keep and work with again and again.

2. Why join a Group for the 28 day process…can’t I just read the book myself?

The benefits of a group process are many, not the least of which is the new friendships that can be built going through such an experience together. Doing transformational work in a group gives you support and encouragement and a little “kick in the butt” if necessary to keep you focused on what you hope to achieve. Sharing experiences offers inspiration and motivation as well as fostering compassion for yourself and others as you share both your successes and your challenges. And there is a certain dynamic energy that can occur in a group that makes it more than the sum of the individuals. And it can be fun!

3. Why choose private coaching through the program with Mary rather than just reading the book or joining the group?

While people are encouraged to join a group class for this program for that wonderful energy and support just described, private sessions do almost all the same things although without a group and more importantly give you Mary’s undivided attention and weekly journeys can be customized to help address your particular concerns within the weekly themes. You will have the privacy of one-on-one coaching and thereby can feel even safer going really deeply into the program. And as for reading the book on your own,  as in many self-directed programs of such length, momentum can lag pretty quickly, and having Mary as your coach, if not a group of your peers as well, can be just the push you need to follow-through and really make great changes in your life and outlook. Plus if you just read on your own you will not have the wonderful experience of guided meditations, the materials provided for you and direction and support through the process that are offered in the group and private coaching.

4. What’s the difference between Soul Coaching® , Life Coaching and Therapy?

Unlike Life Coaching which is usually geared toward the attainment of a specific goal and is often an action-oriented process to prompt you to take specific steps in the direction of that goal, and unlike various therapies which are aimed at healing emotional wounds from your past, Soul Coaching® is more about the spiritual side of your life, trying to answer some of the bigger questions about  “What do I really long to do but am afraid to admit?” “Who am I really?” and in the process learn to love and celebrate the beautiful being that you are and create a vision of your ideal future. It is more focused on the present, where you are now and where you want to be. That said, it can indeed be very motivational, inspirational and healing, and opens you up to moving forward on your dreams!


Private and group sessions are held at our home and offices at Co-Creative Healing Arts on We Are One Farm, Lunenburg County, less than 10 minutes from Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada and about an hour and five minutes from Halifax.  Directions will be provided when an appointment is made. Only open by appointment and pre-registration for classes. CONTACT MARY by EMAIL or phone 902-530-3222.

“My soul coaching experience was quite incredible…I have become more aware of the effects the things in my environment and people in my life have on me. I’ve become a lot more reflective, positive, and peaceful. I’ve reflected and let go of a lot.. I really had no idea the amount of emotional weight I was carrying…I have had a pretty amazing but intense 7 weeks, I would have to say, the most impactful and empowering month and half since my move to NS. I was feeling quite lost before, insecure at times in my relationship, stressing out, dwelling on my past and very unsure of the path I was meant to be taking… Although I didn’t complete all the activities, I’ve learned tons of techniques/skills that I will continue to use everyday. Each individual activity on its own probably wouldn’t have had a big impact on me, but the program as a whole has taught me a tremendous amount about myself, who I want to be and the life that I want to have.”

 “Had I read Denise’s book on my own, I doubt I would have undergone the same changes. Your calm and soothing nature and the positive energy you give off definitely complemented the program and enhanced my experience. Your choice of words, whether it be your thought- provoking and descriptive stories or your inspirational advice, really captured the true meaning behind soul coaching. You provided us with the genuine heartfelt encouragement and support we needed to pursue this journey. Not to mention your home was peaceful, safe and nurturing; the perfect environment for those experiencing any sort of emotions, vulnerability, or fear. Thank you for such an amazing experience.” ~ Danielle A., Bridgewater, N.S.


Please be advised, Soul Coaching®, Soul Journeys and Past Life Journeys are not therapy, I am not a therapist, and these processes are not intended to replace or be a substitute for medical or psychological care. I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe for any condition, physical, mental or emotional. If you are under the treatment of a therapist or other mental health practitioner or on any medication for serious emotional or mental conditions you may be asked to obtain permission from said practitioner to embark on these processes, and if not being treated you will be asked to kindly sign a waiver stating so. –Mary Dixon