Oracle Card Coaching (Readings)


There are many paths and tools we can use to gain insight into an issue or question for which you are seeking guidance. Journeys and conventional coaching are but two. Sometimes it is intriguing to explore the mysteries of using oracle cards.

Some of Denise Linn's Gateway oracle Cards and a card from Doreen Virtue's Goddess cards.

Some of Denise Linn’s Gateway oracle Cards and a card from Doreen Virtue’s Goddess cards.

Also known as divination cards (think of Tarot as just one kind), working with cards can add a layer of insight that gets beyond our logic and rationalization and can surprise us.

While most people view working with cards as involving psychic powers, I  prefer to use them as another coaching tool. I am not a “psychic” and I do not predict your future with the cards. However they do bring a sort of serendipity and magic to the conversation about what is unfolding in your life, and my intuition is always at play. Both you and I examine what the cards bring up and use them as a jumping-off point for discussion, offering alternatives that you may not have considered before, or new ways of seeing the question at hand.

We can do a couple of small spreads, time permitting, on various questions or general themes, or do a large spread for the themes that may emerge month by month for the year ahead. Sometimes those only prove impactful in hindsight, occasionally in a predictive sense, but especially good if one uses the year-ahead spread to guide their attitudes and approaches to their life month by month. The monthly themes can help you navigate what is occurring as the year progresses.

I use a variety of decks, sometimes more than one in combination, guided by my intuition. Readings are done with an intention to find the most positive way to deal with the question at hand.


60 minutes:  $69.00

90 minutes:  $97.00

(all One-Year layout readings are 90 minutes.)

(applicable taxes are included).

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