Embodied Presence Half-Day Experience

spring-rocks-lomo-2Sunday December 11, 12 – 4/4:30 p.m.

$69 (incl. hst and light refreshments)

To register: (deadline to register is Thursday, December 8 at 9 p.m.)

Call Mary Dixon 902-530-3222 

or email mary@marydixon.com

Are you feeling distracted lately? Stressed? Too much bad news in the media, feeling powerless to make changes, busy with “normal” life, and now anticipating the holiday “to do” list with dread? Learning some basic skills and spending a little time in nature can be just the remedy you need to go forward into the holidays and coming year with more ease, calm, and focus.

In this half-day introductory journey we will explore ways of becoming more present in your life so that you can:

~ reduce stress,

~ cope with change,

~ build better relationships,

~ be more creative in your life and work,

~ feel more satisfied with your life through experiencing gratitude and appreciation.

We will use a combination of partially-guided meditations with a variety of experiential exercises, some individual and some in pairs and group, some indoors and some outdoors, to discover what it really feels like in your body to become truly present to your experience in the moment. After each experience participants will be invited to share briefly what they’ve noticed. Timing may be adjusted according to how many show up.

We will practice becoming present..

~to our thoughts

~to our environment and nature

~to our food

~to each other

~to our bodies

~to ourselves

Why get the body involved? Isn’t it my brain I want to calm??

Don’t worry, no interpretive dancing required! But the body and brain, while they do seem to go off and do their separate things sometimes, need to get into a happy alignment. The body stores your habits of thought…so many reactions are automatic…because, simplistically, your body remembers and when your brain is busy worrying about other things your body goes into automatic mode repeating patterns. This is not a class to teach about breaking those habits, but is an opportunity to become much more aware of the signals your body is sending…which in turn helps you navigate your emotional responses, and to be more aware about the state of your body itself.

This is called EMBODIED Presence because the idea is to get used to feeling what real presence feels like in your body, so that after this workshop you will have started to become more aware as to when you are present and when you have “checked-out”…and the awareness helps point you back to practices that bring you back into the moment to what you are doing, or present to the person you are with, or to full enjoyment or appreciation of environment you are in.

Like anything else, this one class won’t change your life forever, unless you make some of these ideas become part of your daily practice.  But it will give you something to come back to when you notice that you are not where you are..ie. projecting worry into the future, ruminating on the past, or not really appreciating and seeing who and what is in front of you.

_mg_8172NOTE: Weather permitting (ie not snowing hard or raining or miserable!) we will spend approximately an hour +/- outdoors in the woods on our property. It is December…no telling what it might be like, but dress appropriately for cold weather, ideally layers, thick socks and rubber boots or rubber soled hikers if you have them..there are a few wet spots but you can mostly avoid them. Gloves, scarf, and hat….cold heads and hands make cold bodies! If very cold we’ll shorten it or restructure. 

We’ll have hot drinks and a warm fire ready inside for after. Wear warm socks or slippers for indoors.

There is a well-trodden trail (that I walk every day) all the way, but it is lumpy with some rocks and roots and slippery leaves.  Our walk will be approximately 10-15 minute in each direction, the return being a gradual uphill.

NOTE: You will be required to sign a waiver re responsibility for any injury or mishap or bug or bear bite etc. Come at your own risk in other words, and only if you have an adequate level of mobility and fitness to handle a forest walk.

There will be a refreshment break after the outdoor portion for hot coffee and tea or hot cider, gluten-free muffins and fruit etc., during which we’ll also be actively practising presence.

The rest of the afternoon will be indoors with more group and person-to-person experiences, mostly quite meditative.

If this sounds like something that would benefit you at this time, please call me.

I require a minimum of 5, maximum 12 for this to go ahead. So please invite colleagues and co-workers or friends whom you think this could help too.

I look forward to helping you ease your way into this busy season where there is currently so much is going on in our outer worlds and inner worlds.

To register: (deadline to register is Thursday, December 8 at 9 p.m.)

Call Mary Dixon 902-530-3222

or email mary@marydixon.com