LATEST OFFERING!! Not a “farm” product per se, but Mary’s own creation… a BOOK!

_MG_8592“Mary Doodle ~ Stumbling Toward Enlightenment,”  $20 + 5% gst (Canada) now available (currently in very limited quantities!)  Mary Dixon has created a delightful book of 49 full colour cartoons of her own character Mary Doodle, Rural Life Coach  (find her on Facebook here).

From the back cover: “Mary Doodle ~ Stumbling Toward Enlightenment is a collection of some of the favourite illustrated musings, and many new or newly-revised ones, of life coach and now published doodler, Mary Dixon. Initially challenged by her own coach to draw and post on social media a doodle-a-day for 30 days, a character evolved who took on a life of her own and became known to friends and fans as “Mary Doodle ~ Rural Life Coach”.

For months friends and colleagues have checked Facebook daily to see what Mary is up to now, with themes ranging from her own struggle with self-awareness and self-improvement, to conscious consumerism, gardening, home life, pets, menopause, and more.

This first book focuses on the navel-gazing and self-improvement aspects of her life with humour and sometimes poignancy. She is an endearing character sharing her struggles, observations, and sometimes downright silliness. Many of her fans find themselves in her musings.”

Reviews of Mary Doodle:

“Laugh out loud wisdom. My only regret for this book is that it is not twice as long. Sheer warm genius. And thanks Mary, for putting me in a doodle. Congratulations on a true work of useful art! Richard…thanks for giving Mary the suggestion. We all benefit.” ~ Mark J. Silverman, Coach and Author of “Only 10’s ~ Using Distraction to get the Right Things Done”.

“Best purchase in ages. Patients in my waiting room enjoying also. Shine on, Mary!!” ~ Laurie Flavin, Chiropractor, Lunenburg, NS


Blessing & Clearing Aromatherapy Mists

4 0z  $20 (includes 15% hst)

For setting the intention in a space/room, not for use on the body.

These have been blessed and sent Reiki healing to fulfill the intended purposes. Each contains a crystal chip to support that intention.

Peace – meditative, calming, patchouli, clary sage, sandalwood & more. Great for yoga spaces, massage or Reiki treatment rooms, your own meditation space, for healing after an argument or stress. Crystal: Amethyst

Love – sensual, comforting, rosy, lavender, ylang ylang & more. Sweet, a blessing for a loving space, for bedrooms, after arguments or grief. Crystal: Rose Quartz.

Joy – cheering, uplifting, citrusy. To perk you up when feeling down, make you feel brighter, for a kitchen or family area or anytime the energy is low.  Crystal: Citrine

Clarity – stimulating, uplifting, herbaceous. Sharp, fresh, good for home offices or wherever mental alertness is required. Crystal: Lapis Lazuli.

(Made from essential oils and “absolutes”, blended in a base of distilled water and alcohol. Specific oils used available on request. Please use caution, avoid eyes and mucous membranes, do not inhale directly. Keep out of the hands of children.)

Lavender Neck Pillows & Eye Pillows

Neck Pillow: $30 (incl hst)

Eye Pillow: $20 (incl. 15% hst)

Beautiful cases in 100% cotton, expertly stitched in Lunenburg County to our specifications. Inner bags are unbleached cotton, outer removable & washable slip cases are printed cotton. Filling is food-grade flax seed blended with our own We Are One Farm lavender buds, grown chemical-free, hand-picked, bundled and dried by Mary. The buds are a blend of sweet Lavandula Angustifolias (several varieties but mainly Munstead, Maillette and Buena Vista) with some sharper Grosso & Provence (Lavandula x. intermedia) mixed in.

Many colours available on site, they keep changing.

Use the eye pillow to soothe tired eyes or calm a headache, block out light during a Reiki treatment or during savasana pose in a yoga practice. Can be chilled in the fridge first (put in a plastic bag) to help ease headaches. And don’t forget to squeeze to crush the buds and release more scent!

Use the neck pillow by heating gently in a microwave for up to 4 minutes (start at 2 min. and work up carefully until you know the strength of the microwave….this CAN burn if overheated or burn you if too hot to touch.) Shake the bag to distribute heat evenly then apply to back of neck or under shoulders. Soothes tired and achey muscles. Also effective for abdominal cramps. “Tummy Love” heart shape pillows also available on request, excellent soother for abdominal cramps and chest colds. Again, give a good squeeze to release more lavender scent. Scent will be more pungent when bag is heated.

When the garden and time provide: sachets,  jams & jellies, herbal teas and culinary lavender buds, dried bundles….

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