About We Are One Farm

We Are One Farm is the land on which our home and Co-Creative Healing Arts is situated. The name comes from our philosophy of our interconnectedness, that we are all one, we are connected energetically, and we are interdependent, humans, creatures, earth and all that lives here. So, we treat it with love and respect, we cultivate some of it and let some stay wild, we avoid the use of pesticides and herbicides and aim to use only natural fertilizers.

We are crazed gardeners, trying to tame more of this property than perhaps we should, adding gardens here and there, growing our own vegetables and herbs, lots of perennials and shrubs to create beautiful scenes.

For several years we had over 500 lavender plants of about 8 varieties, in Mary’s attempt to create in Newcombville her own “mini-Provence”. However due to too many weeds and too little time working in her coaching practice, Mary has been down-scaling the lavender field and selling off some plants. There is still plenty for the bees and to make a few products though! Please pardon the weed-patch until we figure out how to re-configure the former lavender field to make it smaller and beautiful again!

While the woodlot is left to regrow itself after some years of forestry by the previous owner, the former logging yard down below the lavender field in the back, hard-packed and scrubby when we arrived here, we are gradually taking on as a re-beautification project, bringing in a bit of topsoil, planting some fruit trees, a border of mixed softwoods harvested from our own woods, and highlighted by our Medicine Wheel garden. The inside of this garden is also being re-designed to become a labyrinth, hopefully in 2016.

As for the lavender, while Mary no longer is a market vendor of our products, a few items made from our own carefully harvested and dried lavender buds, are usually available at the farm.Lavender and flax eye pillows, microwaveable neck pillows, pretty lavender sachets, jars of Hidcote lavender for culinary use, and occasionally jellies are on offer in the office. And for a real taste treat try some of the delicious honey Edward harvests and processes (unpasteurized and unheated) from our own bees and bees that we keep at a friend’s farm.

And while not a product of our farm per se, Mary makes amazing “Blessing & Clearing” room sprays, 4 oz. aroma-therapeutic misters to use for clearing a space and setting the positive intention you wish for it, such as Peace, Love, Joy and Clarity, her current scent blends. Each is a specially-created blend of pure essential oils and absolutes, in a base of distilled water and alcohol, infused with Reiki blessings and crystal intention, each bottle containing an appropriate crystal chip to help preserve the intention. They are packaged in cobalt blue bottles with fine-mist sprayers to be used in rooms, not on the skin.

While we do have many lovely gardens and functional vegetable gardens created, this place is an ongoing work-in-progress, with still many projects to complete, sheds to repair or replace, things to be removed and so on. In the meantime our creativity and labour continues, adding an urgency to summers where each evening after the “other” work is done,the outdoor works progresses. It is not in anyway a “perfect” landscape but an ever-evolving canvas that keeps our ideas and bodies moving!

By the way, if you haven’t met them already you will likely do so when you come for a treatment or event (more so with me than with Edward), but Angus & Alfie are the welcoming committee. Please don’t be alarmed if they bark at first, they are just the early warning system, but are loving and gentle dogs. We do our best to keep them our of your way but they love to greet people and once they have, they mind their own business. If you have any qualms you can let us know ahead of time.

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