Mary Dixon, Practical Mystic


“Practical Mystic” you say? What the heck is that?

It’s my new term to try to encompass the essence of how I work with people and of what my diverse trainings have created in me. I am still essentially a “Life Coach & Soul Coach”, but for a lot of people, that doesn’t exactly make clear to them what I offer anyway. So I will try to explain here. If nothing else, calling myself a Practical Mystic will get you asking the question, and then we can have a conversation!

My mission is to help you connect with the deep well of inner wisdom that is within us all, to help you gain insight and clarity into who you really are, what you truly desire, and what you value, so that you can create a life in alignment with that truth. Whether you call that inner wisdom your subconscious, your gut, your Higher Self, your Inner Wise One, or your Soul, doesn’t really matter. I want you to know that there is this place where your truth resides, free of the “shoulds” and the social and familial conditioning that often suppresses our true nature.

I offer many means of opening you to that truth, to your authentic self, so you can find the insight, clarity, and peace of mind you’ve been seeking.

When we get that clarity we can bring our outer world into alignment with our inner world, to be congruent, and that is often where peace resides.

So….why “Practical Mystic”? “Practical” because what I do is not just for fluff or “entertainment purposes”, it is to help you live a more aware and harmonious life. This stuff is useful for moving you forward into a better place in your life. Many techniques I employ come from well-grounded and established practices in the world of life coaching and a discipline called Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). My work always starts from a place that is very grounded, very present.

I am a “mystic” because much of my work uses techniques drawn from Soul Coaching® (deep inner journeys and various experiential exercises), Past Life Coaching (like regression), and oracle card reading (using divination cards to gain insight and confirmation of your truth, and opens a coaching discussion between us based on what comes up.) Those are all certifications I took from author and healer Denise Linn.

Sometimes you may end up having a conversation with a spirit guide or perhaps a deceased ancestor. Sometimes we may look at a possible past life experience you may have had. Whether any of this is “verifiable” or not matters not to me. What matters is that in some way your soul or spirit is communicating to you some information that is relevant to your life path and that can be informative in this lifetime. This is not just for curiosity’s sake (getting practical again here). It is to find threads that we can weave together to make meaning for you that is useful.

I’m a “mystic” because I also use techniques inspired by shamanistic practices, mostly facilitating and teaching clients how to journey to meet and obtain wisdom from their power animals, as well as creating ceremony and helping clients create their own ceremonies, for healing purposes. I love paying attention to “signs” and spending  lots of time in nature, getting grounded by the earth but finding my connection to spirit is there too. I work in ways that some might consider “woo-woo”, but have proven to me time and again to be helpful and deeply insightful and healing.

I am also certified in Interior Alignment® Instinctive Feng Shui ™ as well as Space Clearing, and while I do not generally do consultations for feng shui, I do address many of the principles of both in my work as aspects clients may choose to bring into their lives for more harmonious living, considering the energy of their environments.

My focus is to help my clients or the participants in my programs to get in touch with a sense of spirit, both within and without, to help cultivate their own intuition so that they can make better decisions, to develop more awareness by becoming more present to their bodies and environment, and to make use of ritual and ceremony to help them embrace the beauty and sacredness of everyday life.

I do not, however, “read” people or tell them their futures. I help you to get to know yourself, and it is up to you, the client, to make choices for your life with this insight.

My own path to Life & Soul Coaching®, Feng Shui, Space Clearing, and also Reiki, from my first brief career 25 years ago as a practising lawyer, followed by 14 years as a photographer, has been an unfolding of my own essence, an admittely bumpy road to uncovering my own authentic self. It has been bumpy because my own preconditioned beliefs about what my life was “supposed” to look like did not mesh at all with the discovery of my more spiritual and creative nature. For me to “come out” as a metaphysical practitioner has been challenging, and I am the first to admit I have taken one step forward and two steps back for a number of years since my mind and heart was opened by my own experiences in shamanic journeying, soul coaching®, and intuitive development.

I know first-hand what denying one’s true nature can do to a person. It is costly. Going into a law career when I really wanted to be a writer or artist was one wrong turn. Being in a marriage when I “knew” better that it wasn’t right for me was a big wrong turn, but I learned (in hindsight) about how one numbs their feelings and suppresses their awareness in various ways to “go along”, until perhaps, there’s a breaking point.

And even when I thought I was on the right track with my coaching career, I made a wrong turn toward what I thought was “safer” and more “respectable”. That is, my interest in coaching came as a result of shamanic practices and then Soul Coaching®, but I got cold feet about putting myself out there as a “soul coach”, thinking perhaps people wouldn’t take me seriously. I did do so for a while, and it began well, but I think my own insecurity energetically kept people away. I was afraid to own the “woo woo”, as people disparagingly call metaphysical work. It wasn’t what I was raised to be.

So that led to some other studies that were more psychology-based (Strategic Intervention coaching and NLP). I tried to  look “professional” as a coach in the way that a lawyer does…helping people be more strategic and “successful”. While I am indeed more skilled and have more tools at my disposal, I most often employ my earlier training.

So I learned once again about congruence, and realized I was not attracting many clients for a while because I was not internally congruent with that message. In fact, I ended up depressed. So I did some deep, deep inner work, utilizing all of the resources I had, creativity, journalling, ceremony, meditation, shamanic journeying, oracle cards, time in nature. And everything, everything, pointed back to the soulful kind of coaching that I started with and have returned to.

This IS my work. I now “own” it. And I am my own best case study of how we can go off the rails when we refuse to believe and act upon our deep inner wisdom and spiritual guidance. And I have also realized that my first instincts to be a writer and artist are still also very strong. I AM a communicator at heart. Some communciation is with clients and with Spirit. So my coaching runs along in parallel to my creative life. It’s not one or the other. They support each other.

You can check out some rave reviews from some of the clients and program participants I have worked with too.

It is my heartfelt desire to be a guide for you if you are a searcher looking for this kind of deep inner and spiritual connection to your wisdom, to your soul, to your authentic self. I am available for both one-to-one coaching as well as creating multi-session individual and group programs and weekend workshops and potentially retreats. If you don’t see it listed yet, please feel free to inquire, I am still in the reinvention process.

And…for your reading pleasure:

My blog, “Soulful Ground”, is an outlet for my writing and photography, and explores my connection to Spirit, and to the land I, my husband and business partner Edward, and assorted critters, call home. There you will also find informative and thoughtful pieces based in my “practical mystic” work.

One further foray into “art” and writing, in January 2016 I published a book of cartoons reflecting the life and angst of a character named Mary Doodle, (not-so-loosely based on my own life here as a coach), working on her own issues in the process. It includes her life with 4 cats, 2 dogs, and the always wise “Mr. Doodle”. “Mary Doodle ~ Stumbling Toward Enlightenment” is 56 pages, 49 full-colour single cartoon panels, 8.5″ x 11″ and is available at our office or by mail order. Check her out on Facebook at Mary Doodle Rural Life Coach.

You may email Mary here.

Here’s a sample of what clients have had to say….

” ‘Journey to Spirit’ (my latest program) has given me the inspiration to walk towards the West with dignity and purpose. Being that my children have grown, they need their Mommy less and I was really grappling with my self identity. Now, I visualize myself as that Momma Bear, going into her cave to rest and renew, before emerging again. I have the chance to rebuild and to rebirth a new life for myself after this chapter of Summer. I recognize the directions of the Medicine Wheel and the chance of continued growth because the wheel continues and dawn will again break in the East. This is an opportunity to redefine who I am and what I’d like to next focus upon.
With your teachings, I can better appreciate this Autumn of my life as a time to feel connected to a spirituality I hadn’t before known. Though I didn’t sign up for your course with many preset expectations, I was blown away with the amount of knowledge you’ve shared. 
I’m humbled and am in awe of the vast potential of wisdom/guidance which is there for the taking. Which has always been there ….. right there. Now to absorb and practice it!”
Thank you for the nurturing and exhilarative journey.
~ Raylene Samson, NS  October, 2016  Journey to Spirit program


“I woke up this morning feeling a renewed sense of hope and a belief that I could make it through this “challenging” time:)   Quite extraordinary considering that yesterday I couldn’t think straight, couldn’t express myself clearly and wondered if I’d make it through the week […]      I feel realigned and optimistic…..amazing.  I think you’ve found your true calling!  ~Name withheld, Coaching client, NS   January 2015

“I had a birthday today, got a new job, and celebrating the huge role you played in allowing me to move forward. I will treasure your kindness and talents always. Thank you. […] You were instrumental, sleep happy knowing you make a real difference.”  ~ Linda MacPhee, NS

“Your calm and soothing nature and the positive energy you give off definitely complemented the program and enhanced my experience. Your choice of words, whether it be your thought provoking and descriptive stories or your inspirational advice, really captured the true meaning behind soul coaching.
You provided us with the genuine heartfelt encouragement and support we needed to pursue this journey. Not to mention your home was peaceful, safe and nurturing; the perfect environment for those experiencing any sort of emotion, vulnerability, or fear.” ~ Danielle A., Bridgewater, NS, in an email to Mary after the winter 2012 Soul Coaching® class.

You can find more rave reviews here.