Mary Dixon, Life and Soul Coach


_MG_3305 - Version 2A compassionate and gifted coach, Mary brings her diverse life experiences and training to bear in helping others reveal their authentic selves and lean into their potential, taking their their lives to a place of clarity, possibility, empowerment, and peace.

She helps her clients look at their circumstances with different eyes, a fresh perspective that shows them they do have options available, and that they can make their choices in a way that reflects their own values. Mary’s clients learn how their thoughts have been the driver, often unconsciously. And they learn that developing a new awareness of their habits of thinking can change their emotional responses, change their resourcefulness, and ultimately, their lives, for the better.

Mary, as a certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach and also a Denise Linn-certified Soul Coach, and Past-Life Coach, provides the ultimate in safe space for people to examine their lives and learn how to “rewrite” their personal stories and develop strategies to empower them to live the life they desire.

Her own journey to Life & Soul Coaching®, Feng Shui, and also Reiki, from her first brief career 25 years ago as a practising lawyer, has been an unfolding of her essence, a road to her authentic self.  She has gradually let go of preconditioned beliefs about who she thought she was “supposed” to be, opening her to her true life’s work, which embraces intuition and a taste of the metaphysical.

Her varied life experiences after a brief law practice, include 14 years as a fine-art and commercial photographer, with her own gallery for four years, and a more recent experiment creating a small lavender farm and selling products at farm markets.

Combined with years of reading in personal development, doing her own “work” in her own challenging times such as post-divorce and remarriage, dealing with deaths of loved ones, and career changes, she brings depth and perspective to her coaching work with others.  Inspired by works in mind-body healing, and living with her massage therapist and Reiki master husband Edward, Mary understands very well how our thoughts affect our emotions and our emotions affect our physical as well as our mental well-being.

Mary’s life changed dramatically for the better through discovering her relationship with nature, her relationship with Source Energy or “Spirit”, and through developing her intuition, partly with the experience of shamanic journeying. When she was introduced to Denise Linn’s “Soul Coaching® ~ 28 Days to Your Authentic Self”,  and found Denise’s soul coach training, it opened her to the world of life coaching, and she found her passion.

Further studies including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Strategic Intervention Life Coaching and Marriage Education & Divorce Prevention, and various courses in leadership, facilitation, and intuitive development, built on the solid foundation of skills of her Soul Coaching® certification. Her additional certification in Interior Alignment® Instinctive Feng Shui™, while not a coaching modality per se, gives added skills and insight in how to help a client create the physical space that nurtures and supports their life.

Her blog site, “Soulful Ground”, explores her connection to Spirit, and to the land she, her husband and partner Edward, and assorted critters, call home, along with informative and thoughtful pieces based in her coaching work.

Her most recent success is the publishing of a book of cartoons reflecting the life and angst of a character named Mary Doodle, not-so-loosely based on her own life here as a coach, working on her own issues in the process. It includes her life with 4 cats, 2 dogs and the always wise “Mr. Doodle”. “Mary Doodle ~ Stumbling Toward Enlightenment” is 56 pages, 49 full-colour single cartoon panels, 8.5″ x 11″ and is available at the office or by mail order. Check her out on Facebook at Mary Doodle Rural Life Coach.

Mary’s goal is to help her clients find insight, transformation, and healing by offering deep listening and questioning, journey work, practical tools and strategies, and creative and experiential processes, with the additional guidance of Spirit or Source energy where it is welcome. There are more details about how she works as a life coach, soul coach and past life coach on this site, but often these are not separate disciplines, and any useful technique or path will be incorporated to help her clients on their path. There is also a healthy dose of humour and creativity on offer as Mary Doodle becomes a bigger player in the mix!

You may email Mary here.

Testimonial: “I woke up this morning feeling a renewed sense of hope and a belief that I could make it through this “challenging” time:)   Quite extraordinary considering that yesterday I couldn’t think straight, couldn’t express myself clearly and wondered if I’d make it through the week […]
I feel realigned and optimistic…..amazing.  I think you’ve found your true calling!  ~Name withheld, Coaching client, NS   January 2015

Testimonial: “I had a birthday today, got a new job, and celebrating the huge role you played in allowing me to move forward. I will treasure your kindness and talents always. Thank you. […] You were instrumental, sleep happy knowing you make a real difference.”  ~ Linda MacPhee, NS

Testimonial: “Your calm and soothing nature and the positive energy you give off definitely complemented the program and enhanced my experience. Your choice of words, whether it be your thought provoking and descriptive stories or your inspirational advice, really captured the true meaning behind soul coaching.
You provided us with the genuine heartfelt encouragement and support we needed to pursue this journey. Not to mention your home was peaceful, safe and nurturing; the perfect environment for those experiencing any sort of emotion, vulnerability, or fear.” ~ Danielle A., Bridgewater, NS, in an email to Mary after the winter 2012 Soul Coaching® class.

Testimonial: “Your superpower: You are a director. You listen and create vision based on your client needs. Then you unfold your clients journey and move clutter out of the way and allow your client to truly find their way. A director is clear and can make decisions, hold strong, divert fear and resistance in order to reach the end goal. A director is skilled, strong, confident, and open minded.” ~ Linda MacPhee.

You can find more rave reviews here.

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