Testimonials regarding Edward’s work with Massage Therapies, Reiki and other Energy Healing techniques:

“I have been receiving massage therapy with Edward for 8 years. The quality of therapy I have received surpasses any that I have received across Canada. In the last two years I have gained knowledge and experience by attaining my level 2 in Reiki. Over the past summer I received multiple sessions of Reiki and in doing so came to a realization that Reiki provides me with a profound physical, mental, and emotional form of therapy and support. The depth in which Reiki works within my body has caused me to change my primary source of healing and therapy to Reiki. Massage will always play a role, but now only as a support for my Reiki intentions.”
L. MacPhee
Bridgewater, NS

 After months of care-taking ill family members, I returned to Nova Scotia for a break. Stepping off the plane, exhaustion and emotional stress overwhelmed me.  I knew the combination of poor sleep, severe back spasms and grief was going to be hard for me to turn around on my own. I needed help. So I called Edward Howell.
Edward’s expertise and compassionate approach to massage helped me heal quickly. With years of experience in advanced bodywork and energetic techniques, Edward has developed a practice that deals with far more than sore muscles and achy backs. He opens the door for his clients to make their own positive changes, while at the same time simply making them “feel better.”
There are technicians in the field of massage . . . and then there’s “talent.” Edward has mastered his craft and is the only practitioner I know who had the skill to help me regain my health.
He cares.  And he’s the best.
Lisa Turner
South Shore, Nova Scotia

I have been a patient of Edward Howell ‘s for many years.  I sit at a desk for the bulk of my workday, usually followed by a whirl of after-hours activity.  This all-or-nothing existence often unveils itself as a unique combination of aches, pains, and knots.  But no matter what mess I bring to his door, Edward consistently embraces the challenge of sorting it out and getting me back on my feet. His particular blend of multi-disciplinary expertise and experience simply cannot be replicated.  Behind his back we call him “The Wizard,” 
(Ms.) Shaun Bradley
Literary Agent, Partner
Transatlantic Agency
email:   shaun@transatlanticagency.com
or           shaunbradley@eastlink.ca

Most recently I sought treatment from Edward Howell to help with recovery from surgery and for stress reduction during cancer treatment.  I can always trust Edward to listen, observe and make treatment choices that reduce my pain, increase my range of motion and provide me with an overall sense of well-being.  What I treasure most is that he can offer a variety of healing techniques to help me – whether it be reiki, massage therapy, myofascial release, aural acupuncture or advice on exercises to do at home.   I feel lucky to have him as a part of my healthcare team.
Kelly Delaney
Mahone Bay, NS

“Prior to becoming a client of Edward Howell’s I had tried numerous  other therapies to try and relieve my reoccurring migraine headaches.  Edward’s multifaceted approach to treatment over the past several  years has left me practically migraine free.  As a runner Edward has  also been very helpful in helping me to recover more quickly after  especially long runs.  I credit my being able to run my first Boston  Marathon at age 50 to Edward’s expertise in the field of athletic  therapy.”

Wade Selig, Bridgewater, NS
October 01, 2013


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